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Property Insurance in North Huntingdon and New Castle, PA

Customized Protection at a Competitive Rate

Whether you rent or own, home insurance helps you by protecting your home and what’s inside.  Finding the right coverage for your home is critical to protecting against the myriad exposures that you face.  At MCM Insurance Services, Inc., we understand these exposures and how important it is that you protect against them. 


We develop customized insurance programs that fully protect you, your home, and your assets for affordable prices.  We give you opportunities to select different coverage options from a network of insurance providers.   


Our team of expert specialists has more than one hundred years of experience and is ready to help you find the home insurance solution that’s right for you.  


What does a Home Insurance Policy Cover?

Home insurance covers condos, rented dwellings, mobile homes and other constructed domiciles, townhouses, and houses.  Our policies include coverage for medical care expenses related to injuries and expenses related to property damages, personal damages, and other liabilities.  Each policy is designed to protect your home and everything in it but also to help you take advantage of discounts, benefits, and offers that save you money and help you monitor your home.  


At MCM, our home Insurance coverage options include:  



You will have no difficulty choosing the best policy for your needs with the help of an expert MCM specialist.  Any of our specialists will work with you personally to ensure that your needs are matched with the right coverage and that your policy matches your budget. 


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Why Home Insurance?

Understanding homeowners’ risks and coverage options that protect against these risks is important.  Having a trusted advocate who can help you understand these risks and coverage options can make choosing proper home insurance policies easy.  At MCM we give you the resources and information you need to make the best insurance decisions.


We can’t prevent accidents from happening but we can help you avoid them as often as possible and can be your safety net when they happen.  We are happy and ready to help you.  Please contact us today for more information or to find out about your policy options. 


MCM is proud to provide home insurance solutions in North Huntingdon, New Castle, Pittsburgh, Cranberry, Greensburg, and Monroeville, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.